The Myths About Dental Hygiene


There are a lot of myths when it comes to dental hygiene, but it can often be difficult to distinguish the truth from misconception. Some of the things you may think you know about keeping your teeth healthy may, in fact, be based on a lie. Meanwhile, things you may think are damaging to the cleanliness of your mouth, may actually cause no harm. Here are some of the common myths regarding your teeth:

1) You can brush your bleeding gums

Many people believe that brushing your gums in the areas where they are bleeding can lead to even worse irritation and inflammation. In truth, it can actually help your teeth to do this. Cleaning bleeding gums helps to destroy the plaque that is causing it in the first place and may eventually lead to gum disease if left to gather. If there is any pain from the sensitive gums, brush your teeth at a slightly different angle or leave it a few minutes for the pain to subside before continuing.

2) Whiteness doesn’t indicate healthiness

Teeth should undeniably be on the whiter side of the colour spectrum. We are certainly not telling you that brown or yellow teeth could be healthy. They’re not, and you should seek treatment immediately. But the precise whiteness of the teeth don’t reflect how healthy they are. You can have bright white teeth and still have an infection, or you could have dull white teeth and be as healthy as they can.

3) It’s not necessarily sugar that’s bad for your teeth

Even from an early age, we are told that sugar will rot our teeth. This isn’t necessarily true. What rots your teeth is a combination of sugar, bacteria and acid which will form if your teeth are left uncleaned. Therefore, you can consume sugar and still have teeth as healthy as someone who doesn’t, just so long as you brush your teeth often and correctly. This, of course, isn’t an excuse to indulge. But small amounts of sweets or chocolates can be harmless if you are committed to keeping your mouth hygienic.

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